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December 31, 2009
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APH Profile: Native Nation by tabaotsi APH Profile: Native Nation by tabaotsi
EDIT NOV 17, 2010: UPDATED PROFILE HERE --> [link]


I am not gonna get over this Hetalia obession.... NEVER!!!

I swear! I will cosplay this one day! YES!

My OC, the Native Nation, some friend/distant relative of America... (Havent quite figured out the details on that part)

The personifiation of the Natve American tribes in the United States.

Anywho... a bit more on the nation:

The Native Nation, the one who represents the Native American Tribes throughout the US and Canada. Sort of like a Prussia (Gilbert), once a nation, now just hangs around.

Reason for being a female? She gets horrible menstral cramps when America's boss makes deals that are unfair for the Native Tribes, but they go overtime during fights (What? try to add some reasonable history here...)

She once had an affair with France (VIA Native/French Alliance against England during Seven Years War in America)

Self proclaimed Older Sister figure to America and Canada, as she was the one who taught America to be tough while England was in Europe, which was sort of he fault that America has that whole 'I'm the Hero' Attitude, (you know, America, Home of the Brave, Native Americans being strong Brave group of people... yeah... figured you'd catch my drift). She was, however, a bit easier on Canada, thus making her one of the few people that remembers Canada's existence.....

Most of the time....

The Feather in her hair represents traditon in her various tribes, much like America's glasses represents Texas. and the stray bang represents Canyon de Chelly (dont ask... ;;; )

Next year, hopefully, I'll have some comics and or a fan fic with a bit moreabout her! I even have a Marukaichikyuu version for her...

Dude... I need a life... OTL

P.S. sorry if i messed up on the uniform, I mean seriously, what does the US uniform look like when America is not earing his bomber jacket!? Also, the Native Nation has various flags to represent each tribe, so I just made something up and useda commonly seen symbol seen in Native Culture (Gosh... I am not a very good Native to have to do research on all this... OTL :epicfail:

EDIT: Some people were a little put off as to why I named her the Native Nation.

To put it simply (hopefully), while the various native tribes are called, well, tribes, there are some bands that are so bug, they can be considered nations (not in the way such as countires if you catch my drift), For example the Navajo and the Apache Nation.

Though I am still open to more suggestions, as I personally am more familiar with those tribes of the Western US than those in Canada and Mexico, and the Mid-western/ eastern united states. All can be shared here in the comments, just try to keep the "my tribe is better than your tribe" sort of talks out of this. Last thing anyone wants are their feeling hurts or just lain rudness...
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Vectorwave756 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student General Artist
FINALLY!!! I found a Native America OC for Hetalia that actually APPEARS Native American!!!!! And i like how you used Begay as her last name! and she is very well drawn!! good job!!!! 
SailorX2 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Ah, this reminded me that I was going to make an OC(s) for the indigenous Americans. Ehh. But then I got busy, besides, there are so many tribes and different cultures, I would feel disrespectful to place them all into one single character. I haven't done as extensive research as I'd like into the various groups, but to me, it's kinda like how the different Asian cultures, even in just the "Sinosphere" are so different and thus thought of separately. *ramble ramble ramble*

Kudos for showing research in there though. She looks cute, and I like how she isn't, like, ridiculously pale as many other OCs I see out there, but I'm kinda shaky on the whole idea of a single OC for and entire continent's worth of cultures and peoples.

Also, here's an example of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps WWII uniform: [link] , [link]
In case you were wondering. :meow:
tabaotsi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Admittingly, I still feel iffy about having just one.

However, my main reason for doing so is just for the simplicity for drawing.

I did do an updated profile, though I still feel it's not much different, but its there for you to check out as well and possibly help out by providing a bit of extra info, other places to find information, etc. I welcome all help: [link] [link]

If I wanted to put more effort into it, of course there would be XXX number of Native groups... but, as I said, one is there just for simplicity's sake. I understand that there are going to be a group that would disagree with that decision, but for that reason I try the best I can to do the necessary research for each particular tribe (if not a specific tribe, then at the very least the regional culture)

I'm always more than willing to listen to those that may know more about native culture in a region that I myself am not familiar with (I'm part of a tribe in Northern Nevada, The Walker River Paiute Tribe, and I grew up mostly in the Southwest, so I'm a little more familiar with tribes there). Anything from reliable sources, I welcome with open arms so I can adjust and fix accordingly.

Of course, I still have those idiotic fangirl moments involving shipping and such, but I try to keep it at a minimum.

thanks for the link for the uniforms! :) I'll be sure to save those for future reference :heart:

Thanks for the comment and I will be sure to keep what you said in mind. The last thing I want to do is heavily offend people.
SailorX2 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I understand it would be much simpler. There are just so many tribes. It's already bad enough doing research on some of the other OCs I'm thinking of.

Mostly Philippines, since my mom who constantly talks to my cat in Tagalog and Cebuano doesn't serve as much help. (-except for language and more modern culture-) Odd right? Knowing more about that county's history than one's own immigrant mother from said country.

I do enjoy research, but welp, school...
But it's also nice to encounter someone in the fandom that isn't making some sort of whitewashed mary-sue in love with Russia/England/Prussia (w/o historical basis) with a watered-down mental illness (because having a serious and painful problem is so cool~! Desu~!) and is part of the "counter culture bandwagon"...
Sorry, ranting.

Also, I'm a bit obsessed with historical and cultural fashion, so yeah. That's just one female uniform from the era though. I also really like the WAVES uniform, which was designed by an actual fashion designer, so that could be why it's so awesome. [link]

Either way, glad to be of service~
tabaotsi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
research involved OCs for the win! :)

though I do admit to that small soft spot i have for the fanpairing of Francex my oc, but that'll just be something for the back of my sketchbooks until I come up with something remotely reasonable.

That's usually where my research starts out first, with the fashion trends. I think it was Charles Baudelaire that said that a good chunk of history can be seen from the fashion trends, becauxe it's such a defining thing within cultures to get an idea of what was the main stream, popular and is usually the time placers.

If there's one thing I wish could be a bit easier to find out are the tribal languages. I only know a few words from my tribe, but its getting harder to find legit speakers nowadays...
SailorX2 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student General Artist
At least you have a defense with yours, French fur-traders, and the French and Indian War. (then again, there were tribes that sided with the British as well. But now I think I just shot down the point of my argument.)

My research often starts there as well, if not a historical figure. (blame the Civ games). But I do think that concept is accurate, since fashions truly do reflect the times. Like the whole corset idea being at it's hight during the Victorian era. Just consider the role of women at that time and does make alot of sense. Or the whole flapper thing. (Love flappers) It was post-war, a boom time, prohibition, and had that spark of rebellion. Of course a boyish look would be in. Or China's infamous foot binding *shudders*

I imagine it would be difficult to find speakers. I know a friend of mine was learning Cherokee, but I don't even know if she's still going or what. But language constantly evolves or dies off. I would like to have things preserved, like with Latin or Hebrew (the latter which, is now considered revived, and the Catholic church has tried to revive latin as a vernacular a few times, using it on a few signs here and there in Rome. Didn't really work though) but sometimes that simply doesn't happen.

People can't even pronounce Ancient Egyptian at all. Not a single sound. Sure, we can read it, but definitely not speak it. And modern Egyptians tend to speak a dialect of Arabic, so... Really, we don't even know 100% what type of accent people had during Shakespearian times. People think it was closest to some English accent, but then there are things that would only make sense if you were Scottish.

And I ramble. Sorry 'bout that.
tabaotsi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
nah, its ok.... n.n
ShelkoStar Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
America's stray bang (the nantucket) actually represents Nantucket, Massachusetts which takes that exact shape. Google it.
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
She sounds Navajo where's her sheep?
RaphiellaSnape Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
She's Probably America and Canada's Mama! :D
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